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Kansas City Marathon celebrates the long history  of great Kansas City music.

The course is alive with the same musicians that make up our Night Life.

Fritz Hutchinson
Blue Room Band
scotch Hollow



Record and Master with the Best.
Chapman Recording and Mastering.
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The Finish Line

Kangaroo Knife Fight -
In mid 2013 Australian vocalist Anthony Avis realized his musicaloptions were too limited. A simple online ad answered by 3 guys half a world away resulted in Avis digging up his Australian roots and moving to Kansas City, Missouri. Rechtein, O'Connell, and Skeens had been writing and recording for month's while searching for the right voice. Avis had it, and they knew it. Once united, the band diligently crafted a collection of song's grounded by Avis's soulful voice, yet driven with the edge of today's modern indie rock. The anthemic music quickly caught on with audiences and resulted in the band's first Self-Titled EP in late 2014.

Iron Band -
The world’s most enigmatic running, cycling, and triathlon rock band. These amateur endurance athletes, runners, triathletes, cyclists, adventure racers, and musicians write music for racers. From Kansas to Kona, Ironband’s live shows have entertained thousands of runners, cyclists, bar patrons.

Southern Vixens -
Three talented, strong lead female vocalists combine for harmonies like no other in Kansas City! And we have you covered; blonde, brunette, and redhead! Sassy to boot!
This is the debut of their new single "UP"

It's You

On The Course


Heather Thornton  -
Heather Thornton is a prolific songwriter, a visionary, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration to all those who know her.



Run With It  -
Run With It is a rising pop-rock band built on a foundation of funk and soul. Fans of One Republic, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars will love this powerhouse trio.



Irreplacables  -

Young, talented Ska band based on great horns


Brendan MacNaughton -

With over 200 shows a year, the veteran singer/songwriter blends well crafted original material with heartfelt renditions of covers


Instant Karma -

Heavy Soul/Blues Rock  forged into new songs make Instant Karma a go to namd in the Crossroads Distict of Kansas City


Ernest James Zydeco-

The Zydeco dialect is captured in this boucy Cajun flavored original music.


The New Suits -

This Folk/Swing band blends genres into new music and new fans


Them Pickless Fools -

Good old original Kansas City Bluegrass

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