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Summer in Retrospect

This summer, Kansas City had so many great shows and large events with music as a component. I always look at things from an artist's point of view first. You know, how did it sound? How was the production? How was the turnout. That is my comfort zone. It is what I understand. Let's move to a bigger picture.

What do all these great shows mean to Kansas City other than the entertainment value? Taylor Swift shows added $80 million to the Kansas City economy. Beyonce added about $10 million to the local economy. The big legacy shows alway chip in. Count the sales tax and hotel tax for The Irish Festival. Santa-Cali-Gon Days, The Plaza Art Festival, Celebration at The Station, Boulevardia, The Kansas City Marathon, just to name a few. We are blessed here in Kansas City. I am grateful for this on regional level as well as a personal level. I get to participant in different aspects for some of the great events. Cheers to you. Here's to the holidays and all those great shows. Here is my new Christmas song. I hope it sticks in your head.

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